UIC Alaska Embracing Inupiat Heritage to Build Foundations for our Future


UIC is a multi million dollar native corporation here in Alaska with companies spanning the entire globe. With more than ten major subsidiaries (and plenty of smaller companies underneath those) they needed a seriously robust website that would have a design aesthetic that could be fluent throughout all of their sites. 

I managed a team of designers and developers to create this website. I personally handcrafted the majority of the main site, as well as the largest subsidiary BowheadSupport.com.  It was an awesome project to have, and I’m honored that they still call me now and then for advise and help in maintaining it.


Help Me Grow Alaska is a non-profit organization that provides resources and training for families and their young children. They needed a beautiful website that provided plenty of helpful information while encouraging families to reach out to them to use their resources. 

I was the sole designer and developer on this project. I utilized photos they provided of actual people in the Alaskan community, as the focus was on diversity and inclusion.


Kidney Hypertension Center of Alaska is a medical office that was in need of a professional and attractive website. It needed to be a resource for their patients and let people get to know the doctors. I managed a team of designers and developers that gave it a strong Alaskan theme while still keeping it warm and inviting (not always easy with Alaskan pictures of snow and glaciers!). 


Dive Alaska was badly in need of a website that provided accurate information in a clean layout. We crafted a site that would really show off the stunning diving available in Alaska. We also took all of the content for his website and completely revamped and rewrote it, while building a content strategy that made it clear what services they offered and where to go for that information.